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If you are a Council

We, in cooperation with the Transition Towns network, provide professional services to local councils and communities across New Zealand who are planning for and working toward sustainability. The frameworks of energy descent action planning and Transition Town initiatives provide a clear path for communities and governments to work together to build local resilience by actively planning for climate and energy uncertainty in the future.
We assist regions with climate change mitigation, oil and resource depletion preparedness, and reducing their ecological footprints. We work with communities and governments – bringing people together to explore solutions that are sustainable, successful and most importantly, long-term. We collaborate to empower and engage people to support the implementation of actions across all levels. Food, water, waste, transport, energy… it's all covered in the Transition model.

Our services

  • Community awareness raising & engagement
  • Communication & education programs
  • Community capacity building
  • Transition Town initiatives
  • Energy Descent Action Planning
  • Strategic planning & IT management
  • Project & budget management

If you are a business

As a business owner, you will be worried about the economic situation and its impact on your markets. Add to that increasing awareness of Peak Oil and its implications can easily make you feel overwhelmed. Refine believes sound information and a thorough approach to risk management are key to making good business decisions. Have you ever thought about in what and how many ways increasing costs for oil and oil based resources would impact on your business? How your products or services will fare in a lower energy future? Overwhelming evidence states that this is what we are facing - so it is better to be prepared. - Refine will work with you to assess your oil vulnerability, but also identify the best ways to respond - and keep you in business. An Oil Vulnerability Audit will provide you with the business information you need to identify areas of risk as well as possible savings. From there, we can work with you through future scenarios and help you make the necessary adjustments to increase resilience.

Our services

  • Oil vulnerability Audits
  • Future scenarios workshops (repositioning)
  • Energy Descent Action Planning for businesses
  • Design solutions (design for a post-petroleum future, design for recovery)


If you are a family

Families are facing many challenges through Peak Oil and the economic crisis. Rising costs for food, fuel and energy come paired with increasing risks and difficulties in finding or keeping employment.
The desire to live a "green" or sustainable lifestyle easily seems too big an ask in addition to just keeping up with daily life. However, if addressed proactively, these challenges are neither too big nor too difficult to overcome and yes - you can have your cake and eat it, too.

Refine works with families to develop their very own "Energy Descent Action Plan". Unlike other "green solutions" or budgeting advice, we start from the positive vision of what you and your family would like your new lifestyle to be like. This will involve the whole family and get everyone on the same page. From there, we will work backwards through all the steps it will take to get there. Change is motivated through a bigger, positive vision and the way there suddenly seems easy and logical - and fun! How all that is possible? - We believe anyone, given a fair opportunity and the right information, will make the right choices. The key to a wholesome, healthy, resilient and "green" lifestyle lies in reclaiming the power over your own life. We give you the tools to do just that.

Our Services

  • Energy Descent Action Planning for Families
  • Home Energy Audits, including monitoring systems
  • Savings advice (food, energy, water, general expenses)
  • Retrofitting advice (passive solar, E-vehicles, water catchment, solar ovens, food gardens etc)
  • Sustainable living advice ("greening" your household)
  • Coaching for change

Resilience Education For Individuals and Enterprises
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