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About Us

Refine - Resilience Education For Individuals and Enterprise
Our world is undergoing rapid change. On the outer level, we are faced with rapid resource depletion, a changing climate and accelerating alterations of our earthly habitat. We are seeing our economic systems fall into disarray, our food sources under stress and our livelihoods challenged in every way.

The all encompassing theme is change.

At Refine we believe where social, economic or environmental difficulty is foreseeable, it is better to prepare for it and courageously take on the responsibility to look after ourselves, our children and our planet. As we do this, our focus must also shift inward, finding strength and reassurance and exploring new ways of looking forward.

We believe the changes that are upon us are here to last - this is not only about getting through some tough times, but about building a new way of living that is truly sustainable, vibrant and desirable. Our commitment is to lend a hand navigating through these turbulent times and offer support by providing solutions, knowledge and experience.

Refine is passionate about

•  educating families and individuals on the challenges we are facing and supporting them in making lasting, meaningful changes to achieve more sustainable lifestyles. Awareness of the issues and belief in the solutions are key to sustained change and Refine is committed to working with you to achieve both.

•  helping businesses owners identify areas of vulnerability to oil and resource disruptions and supporting them in finding sustainable business solutions to migrate sucsessfully into a post oil society.

•  Identifying risks posed by peak oil, climate change, economic instability and environmental destruction in every area of life and engaging the power of collective creativity to find solutions

Developing robust phoduct solutions based around emerging clean, appropriate and direct effect technologies for bettering the sustainable living of indiviuals and communities.

•  A holistic approach that takes into account economic, environmental, social and spiritual needs.

Our offering

When it comes to the issues, we offer a deep understanding, based on experience and research, of the many interrelated challenges we are faced with. Our commitment is to share these insights in a way that is non-threatening, easy to understand, logical and fun.

We believe the key to our continued well being is the ability to embrace change - and we realize that whatever solution may seem right today, may be inadequate tomorrow. Our focus, therefore, is on empowering you to find your own solutions on an ongoing basis and to restore your power to identify your true values and recognize and satisfy your own needs.

Natalie Hormann
Natalie Hormann brings 15 years of experience as a lawyer, researcher, policy analyst, and business advisor in the sustainability field. Driven by her passion for this planet, she has translated her knowledge of sustainable solutions into her own life in an ongoing effort to reduce her impact on this earth. Natalie now works as a sustainability educator, writer and consultant from her permaculture property in Upper Hutt . She is an active member and co-initiator of the Transition Towns movement in New Zealand and Lower Hutt .

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Daryl Neal

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Resilience Education For Individuals and Enterprises
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